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Kadenge scored via a hole in the net, but admitted soon after   (Credit:

In late May of 1968, English Premier League side West Bromwich Albion made a tour of East Africa where they played six games, against Kenya and an East Africa combined side included, within a span of three weeks.

There trip to Kenya was mooted as early as February of that year but by the time they arrived in Kenya they were not only an English top side, but the FA Cup Champions having beaten Everton to the trophy in mid May.

Different effect

On the 1st of June, the team faced off with Kenya at the parked City Stadium, a game they went on to win 2-1.

However, an incident early in the game may have had a different effect on the game had it not been for the honesty of Kenya’s dependable winger Joe Kadenge.

As reported by the Nation, Kadenge unleashed an unstoppable right foot shot in the 21st minute that went all the way into goal past keeper Sheppard.

His thunderous strike saw local referee Bill Peet point straight to the centre, having allowed the ‘goal, for the game to restart, amidst protest from West Brom players.


But in a turn of events, Kadenge walked the referee to the goal and pointed out a hole in the side netting where his shot had gone through, therefore confirming it was not a goal. With shame in his face, ref Peet ruled the ‘goal’ as no goal.

His honestly surprised many and it handed him a thumps up from West Brom skipper Graham Williams right after the game.

“This was a fine gesture by a great player. My entire side was pleased with Kadenge’s honestly. I doubt if any other player would have admitted it” he said


The game remained locked 0-0 by the break but seven minutes after the restart, Ali Kajo, returning to the National team after four years, latched on to a rebound off Kadenge’s shot to score the first of the game.

West Brom leveled matters seven minutes to time when striker Tony Brown slotted home a penalty awarded after Ronnie Rees was brought down in the box.

Brown doubled matters six minutes later when he converted a cross from midfielder Graham Lovett.

Kenya then coached by former skipper Elijah Lidonde started out with George Karioki in goal but was later replaced by James Siang'a for the second half. Matayo, later replaced by John Ambani, Walter Molo, Samson Odore, Daniel Anyanzwa, Joe Kadenge, John Nyawanga, Moses Wabwayi all featured in the game.


Other than Williams, Brown and Rees, West Brom also fielded Ian Collard, Asa Hartford, John Talbut and Allan Merrick.

Header specialist Jeff Astle, who scored the lone goal to hand West Brom the FA Cup against Everton 13 days before the Kenya match missed the game due to a strained muscle.

A week later, West Brom completed a double over Kenya after seeing off the same side 4-3 at the same venue in the last game of the their tour which was facilitated by sponsorship from East Africa Airways, Nation/Taifa, British National Export Council and Guinness. 

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