News: Jamhuri Cup fiasco
Uganda decried denied trophy after new rule

To celebrate the tenth Anniversary of Jamhuri Day in 1973, Kenya invited Zambia and Uganda for a triangular soccer tourney.

In the first game played on the 8th December, Uganda clawed back with a goal from Tim Ayieko to draw with Kenya 2-2 at the City Stadium.

Fine element

Emma Kalanzi scored first for Uganda, for a 1-0 half time lead but Kisumu Hot Stars sharp shooter Laban Otieno, in only his debut for Kenya struck twice in the second half for a Kenya lead before Ayieko ensured shared spoils for Uganda. In the second game, Uganda surprised a star studded Zambia 2-0.

Results from the final game between Kenya and Zambia on the 12th would then decide the winner of the Jamhuri Cup.

Gor Mahia forward William Chege Ouma opened the scoring for Kenya in the 17th minute but at the half hour mark Chitalu had cancelled it out for Zambia.

Ouma in his fine element of the day grabbed two more goals in the second half for a hat trick that saw Kenya beat Zambia 3-1.


After that result it was not too clear who the winner of the Cup was as Uganda and Kenya tied on points. Other parameters therefore had to be employed to determine the winner.

But in self calculation, Uganda declared themselves winners pointing out they had a better goal average than Kenya; with four goals scored and two conceded, their goal average was 2. Kenya’s was less, as having scored five times and conceded three, they had a goal average of 1.67.

With that simple permutation, Uganda went into a luncheon at a posh Hotel the next day hosted by the Minister of Co-operative and Social Services Masinde Muliro as Jamhuri Cup Champions –elect.

But a shocker awaited them at the venue; Kenya were named Champions!

Sever ties

Williams Ngaah, then the President of the Football Association (FA) explained the award to Kenya was after consultations with the African Football Confederation (AFC) Chair Y. Tassema of Ethioipia, who had incidentally stopped over in Kenya en route to Zaire.

It was based on new AFC rule – article 15 that guided tournaments;

“In the event of equality on points between two teams at the end of group matches, the classification shall be established according to the best goal difference. If the goal difference is indecisive, the team which has scored the greater number of goals are declared winners”

However, all the teams had not been informed of the rule before hand, a matter that infuriated Uganda even further – they took it personal and accused Ngaah of robbing them the trophy.

“As long as Williams Ngaah is chairman of both the FA of Kenya and the East African Football Confederation we shall have no alternative but to sever football relations with Kenya” said Kezekiah Musisi, the Chair of Football Union of Football Associations (FUFA).

Nonetheless, Kenya remained Champions courtesy of the new rule having scored a goal more than Uganda who, as far as they were concerned, had been robbed in Jamhuri Cup fiasco. 

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